Opening access 

The Australian logistics market is currently made up of a small number of major intermodal terminal operators, which in some cases have limited open access arrangements. 

This can discourage new entrants to the freight market, resulting in lower levels of competition and potentially higher prices for consumers.

The intermodal precincts delivered by National Intermodal will operate on fully open access principles, available to all accredited freight operators on fair and equal terms.  

Having open access intermodal precincts within Australia’s freight network is vital to ensure that opportunities for new market entrants are available, and healthy competition is promoted within the existing freight market.


Why open access matters

Without equal and fair open access to the terminal precincts at either end of the Inland Rail project, the challenge of providing competitive intermodal services is substantial.

To ensure the success of the Inland Rail and to deliver a step change in intermodal freight transport, open access terminal precincts are a vital element.

It is why National Intermodal is tasked with delivering open access terminal precincts that provide the ability for all operators, current and potential, to operate on a level playing field. This will create a market that is competitive, innovative, and ensures that transport costs are minimised, ultimately flowing onto consumers and households.

It will contribute to substantial increases in intermodal freight movements between capital cities, which an anticipated tripling of freight movements by rail between Melbourne and Brisbane alone.

The need for open access terminals has emerged due to:



When complete, the Australian east coast freight network will connect the largest intermodal terminals in the country


Strategic location

Most of our precincts occupy strategic positions with access to the ARTC’s Metropolitan Freight Network and proximity to major motorways and arterials; and


Public investment

It is crucial that the benefits of the Government’s investment in the freight network are shared across the industry and with freight customers so that the benefits are passed on to consumers.

Our Open Access Framework

National Intermodal has developed an Open Access regime for the IMEX Terminal at Moorebank Intermodal Precinct. We work to ensure that access to third-party operators is provided in accordance with the regime and will collaborate with any operator that has concerns regarding the operation.

We will also develop specific access arrangements for terminals in Melbourne and Brisbane as they are constructed. These arrangements will be site specific and will reflect efficient terminal operation and market requirements while ensuring completely fair and equitable allocation of terminal slots and processing operations.

Open Access documentation for the Moorebank IMEX Terminal is available at Terminal Operations | Moorebank Intermodal Precinct

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