Sustainability Strategy

The supply chain has a key role to play in lowering emissions targets and working to deliver positive, long-lasting social, environmental and economic benefits for all.

To support this, National Intermodal has established a Sustainability Strategy to guide its development of key sustainability initiatives over the 2024-2027 period.

Our Strategy outlines opportunities to demonstrate leadership in industry engagement, work closely with our communities and workplace on relevant issues and measure how we engage with resources and the environment.

Key sustainability focus areas 

Sustainability is how we optimise National Intermodal’s activities to deliver positive, long-lasting social, environmental and economic benefits for all.

Our Strategy includes six strategic objectives across three levels:

  1. Our Sector
  2. Our Infrastructure
  3. Our Corporation

    Low Emission Freight

    National Intermodal will work with industry and government to support greater modal shift and the decarbonisation of our national supply chain. This includes the accelerated deployment of zero emission short-haul freight locomotives for use in densely populated areas adjacent to our precincts.

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    Climate Resilient Infrastructure

    National Intermodal will ensure the intermodal precincts it builds will be resilient to potential climate impacts, such as extreme heat, flooding or fires, minimising the chance of supply chain disruptions caused by discontinuity in our precinct operations.


    Sustainable Design & Procurement

    In designing its precincts, National Intermodal will always seek to optimise its built design to maximise environmental, social and economic benefits, while minimising negative impacts as much as practicable.


    Efficient & Circular Use of Resources

    National Intermodal will actively seek out opportunities to maximise the use of renewable energy and minimise the consumption of water and virgin materials in its operations.


    Healthy Biodiversity

    National Intermodal will establish biodiversity or conservation areas in connection with its precincts and will actively seek to improve the bio condition of these areas. National Intermodal will also seek to support appropriate public access to these areas.


    Vibrant Social Inclusion

    National Intermodal is committed to supporting diversity, equality of opportunity and social cohesion in all its areas of operation and influence.


    of material excavated with approximately 75% re-used on site 


    less trucks on road en route to landfill


    tonnes of CO2e avoided


    hectares of biodiversity conservation


    hectares of exotic weeds managed


    hectares of degraded land re-purposed for native replanting

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    Community partnerships

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    Environmental sustainability

    Alongside the core benefits of shifting more freight to rail, we’re committed to leading projects that are truly sustainable – environmentally, socially and economically.


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