Beveridge Intermodal Precinct Land Acquisition

28 March 2023

  • National Intermodal has exercised an option to acquire 1,100 hectares of land at Beveridge previously identified as the site for a northern intermodal terminal
  • Next steps for the precinct will be guided by the Australian Government’s response to the Inland Rail Review
  • National Intermodal has also entered into a MOU with Aurizon to be the terminal’s first customer
  • Industry engagement will continue seeking interest in both terminal access and land development opportunities

The Australian Government owned National Intermodal Corporation has exercised an option to acquire land at Beveridge, previously identified as suitable for the northern terminal connection to Inland Rail.

The site when developed, will have the ability to offer the efficiency of double-stacked services for 1,800-metre freight trains to Perth (via Parkes) as well as Brisbane (upon completion of Inland Rail). It will also enable a more efficient rail service connection into the Federal Government supported Moorebank Interstate Terminal in Sydney, due for operation in less than 12 months.

Next steps for the terminal will be guided by the Inland Rail Review undertaken by Dr Schott AO and the Australian Government’s response. Early planning is underway to support potential interstate rail services at Beveridge as soon as possible, with full terminal and precinct warehouse operations by 2028/29. The precinct will also see upgrades to key road corridors including the Camerons Lane/Hume Highway intersection.

Aurizon Foundation Customer

National Intermodal has also announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Aurizon as the foundation customer for the Beveridge Intermodal Freight Terminal.

Mr Baulderstone, CEO of National Intermodal said: “Acquiring the land at Beveridge is an important milestone in the development of Melbourne’s modern, efficient intermodal terminals. The Beveridge terminal when operational will greatly enhance the resilience of our national supply chain.”

“We have been pleased with industries’ interest, both as a customer and also partner in the development of Melbourne intermodal terminals. Aurizon’s interest in the Beveridge terminal is a genuine demonstration of industry support for new, independent, interstate terminal capacity.”

“We will continue our engagement with other industry participants who have expressed significant interest in the Beveridge Intermodal Precinct and who share the vision of a revitalised rail freight sector delivering enhanced resilience and lower costs to Australian businesses and families.”

“We look forward to working closely with all stakeholders including the Mitchell Shire and Whittlesea Councils to unlock job opportunities in future construction and operations for the growing communities in Melbourne’s north who will be integral to the delivery of this precinct,” Mr Baulderstone said.

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