Establishing National Intermodal Corporation to support delivery of Inland Rail Intermodal Terminals

24 February 2022

The Federal Government has today announced Moorebank Intermodal Company will have its mandate expanded to become National Intermodal Corporation (National Intermodal) to support the delivery and operation of intermodal terminals in Melbourne and Brisbane as part of the Government’s $14.5 billion Inland Rail project.

The Federal Government’s significant investments in these terminals will drive improved freight outcomes and productivity and will increase competition in the sector by ensuring open-access arrangements across the network. Appointing National Intermodal as the Government’s investment entity for planning, delivery and oversight of these new intermodal terminals will facilitate an integrated approach to Australia’s rail freight network.

Complementary intermodal terminals in Melbourne and Brisbane will further support the Federal Government’s significant investment in Inland Rail, which will create more than 21,500 jobs at the peak of construction with a potential boost of more than $18 billion to GDP during construction and over the first 50 years of operation.

This announcement complements the expanded role National Intermodal will have in the Moorebank Logistics Park’s Interstate Rail Terminal following the $1.67 billion sale of Qube’s warehousing and property components to the LOGOS Property Group Consortium announced in December 2021. Chair of the Moorebank Intermodal Company, Erin Flaherty said: “National Intermodal’s task is to create an interconnected network of terminals that provide fair and equal access for all above-rail operators. We will work closely with industry to increase the movement of freight by rail as it provides a cost effective and more sustainable transport mode for many customers.”

“National Intermodal will work with the Federal, State and local governments, the Australian Rail Track Corporation, above-rail operators and industry to ensure commercially sustainable, fit-for-purpose terminals are delivered.”

CEO of the Moorebank Intermodal Company, James Baulderstone said: “The success of National Intermodal will be measured by our ability, working together with governments and industry, to ensure nationally significant world class rail infrastructure is designed and built, enhancing rail’s competitiveness and capturing an increasing share of the interstate freight market.”

“We are excited to assist the Government to create a suite of nationally integrated state-of-the-art intermodal terminals to ensure movement of rail freight across state boundaries can occur in a seamless and highly efficient manner.”

“Together with our current and future industry partners, we will bring together a wealth of practical insight, proven success and a clear development model to make these essential national infrastructure projects a reality.”

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